CB7 and CB10 Background Replacements
One of the first projects that I worked on was editing pictures of the CB7 and CB1o compactors. I received images of the two machines in the parking lot, taken at various angles.  I replaced their backgrounds, incorporated other imagery for the skies, and even created the illusion of fresh asphalt.
Banners for the Paving Campus Website
The next project that I worked on included these banners, which were needed to announce the training schedule. I also designed an alternate version for when the classes have filled. I searched for photos of paving machinery that would be suitable for this format, then incorporated the text in a way that would be engaging and legible. 
New PowerPoint Templates and Designs
The first presentation that I worked on was for the template sharing the Features and Benefits of a specific machine. I designed the second template based on the Paving by the Numbers presentations frequently made by the training department. I also created other materials, including the Machine Drive Power document that started as a booklet to ensure a visual connection to these new templates.
Photo Composites for Compactor Renderings
The final project that I worked on was creating a few different photo composites. I started by placing renderings of various compactor machines into a background image. I layered other pictures to create a beautiful sky. Various adjustment layers helped tweak colors and build up dynamic lighting that would ensure a cohesive final product. Next, I added shadows on, around, and underneath the machines. In the final image, I also added lighting coming from the headlights of the rendering. 
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